Before The War – Out Now!

Pete Beat is an adventurer in sound, seeking out funky beats and sweet harmonies wherever they may be found, regardless of danger to his person!

My third album, Before The War is out now. I really hope you like it, it’s in the usual places!

My fourth album The Strange Museum is finished and will be released in the coming months…

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Interview about Nine Great Apes

What people have said about Pete Beat:

“Pete Beat made the most charming record of last week, if not the entire year” 

Tom Robinson, BBC 6Music

“What his bio doesn’t tell you is that Pete is a songwriting genius.”

Steve Harris, Fresh on the Net

Check out my last album via the Nothing Is Perfect game, see this page.

Some videos from the singles, I made the 3d ones using a free program called Blender:

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Photo credit: Jay Dawson