Nothing Is Perfect

Note: for those looking for the Nothing Is Perfect game – I’m really sorry, it isn’t working at the moment as I have cancelled my premium WordPress subscription. I will host it elsewhere and have it back up and running, hopefully soon… same goes for the shop, I’ll be selling stuff on bandcamp from now on, but I haven’t added all the products there yet.

Enter the strange world of Pete Beat, navigate the secret research facility, and expose the unbelievable truth. How far will you get? 

And while you’re doing it, get to hear Pete Beat’s 2nd album Nothing Is Perfect before it’s released, and uncover bonus content – videos, lyrics, chords and free downloads (mp3 or WAV).

Play the game now.

Or, for the busy executive, you can save time by buying the album on CD here.

© 2020 Pete Beat. All Rights Reserved. Cover image “Wires” by James Loesch licensed under the Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution. Headshot photo credit: Jay Dawson.